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NO. 528 Chain, Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant

NO. 528 Chain, Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant

Keeping your roller chains, wire ropes and cables properly lubricated is important for maximizing equipment life, increasing uptime, and ensuring safety.

Dry chains and sprockets experience wear that results in chain stretch. Dry wire ropes experience internal and external wear that can lead to broken strands, damaged sheaves and a potentially dangerous failure.

No. 528 High Speed Chain, Wire Rope & Cable Lubricant with Moly blends a robust, penetrating lubricant with a tackified thickening system that prevents drippage, sling-off, water wash-off and contaminant ingression to ensure your chains and cables are always well-lubricated. Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide, No. 528 increases chain, sprocket, wire rope and cable life.

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