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Essentialube® Fuel and Oil Flushing & Blending Agent

Essentialube® Fuel and Oil Flushing & Blending Agent

The Do All Since 1946. Essential for all industrial, auto and outdoor projects. Essentialube has thousands of uses for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, firearms, sporting equipment, garages and workshops.

Give new life to your gasoline and diesel fuel system with Essentialube high nitrogen NitroGenesis™ Additives.

⚠ #1 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ross Haldeman
A. Necessary friend

I have used Esentialube since the late 1950s. During the 1960s when fuel was causing so many problems we bought 10 fifty-five gallon drums at a time. I have never seen it fail to release a stuck engine part or fuel injector in all those years that wasn’t a mechanical issue. Now some of my friend’s engine oils are not able to clean these modern engines and are causing sticking piston rings, stickling variable valve timing parts, and plugged engine head oil drains. So it is Essentialube to the rescue again!!!

Todd English
Best product ever!

The gas in CA kills small engines. Essentialube brings them back to life.

Michael Miguez
Essentialube the miracle product.

I have been using Essentialube since the mid 80's. One of the best multi products I ever used. I stocked and sold Hydrotex products in the mid 80's. I had a bulk storage tank of Essentialube at my bulk oil and fuel business that I would fill customers drums and cans. I had commercial customers that would have me treat their fuel that I would deliver them with Essentialube . That way all their equipment would be treated. Also a great product to use in place of WD40.

Tim French
Essential Lube

In my opinion, this additive for diesel fuel is the best by far, I call it liquid tune-up, what I do with it is pull the fuel filter, dump the fuel out of the filter, then I fill it half way with essentialize and the rest with diesel, put the filter back on, start the engine run the engine at about throttle for about a minute, then shut it off and let the engine sit for 24 hrs, then take it out and drive it hard, getting the turbo boost up a couple times, then it will run great, you just cleaned all the tips of the injectors out by letting it sit with essentialize in the injectors, I have done this with Cummins, caterpillar, VW, John Deere, Perkins, Detroit, Deutz, lister, alot of diesel engines that would otherwise need new injectors, or just a tune-up, this stuff is amazing how good it works