Hydrotex Updates Sustainability in Grease Packaging

Hydrotex has maximized the use of recycled material for grease cartridge packaging by switching to kraft linerboard. The 100% recyclable 9-packs and over-boxes will ensure durability without the need for non-biodegradable foams or padding, and are sourced according to requirements of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

All grease cartridge cases, including 36-count cartridge cases, will now feature durable, tight-fitting 9-pack containers shipped in protective over-box shippers that have been drop-tested up to 30” to prevent corner crushing, cap dislodgement and damage to seals and caps.

Grease 9-pack containers will retain their pop-up handle design for portability and easy removal from their over-boxes, and will now feature instructions to assemble the handle.9-packs will also feature a perforated tearaway for ease of product retrieval and inventory counting, and, all grease cartridges will now feature the product SKU for additional ease of product identification.

Finally, to better serve the needs of smaller businesses, individuals and purchasers of low-volume specialty grease, various Hydrotex greases will soon be available for sale in 9-pack quantities.

These individual 9-pack cases, and Essentialube.com orders, will be sealed using durable, branded, 100% recyclable paper tape.

Our innovative new packaging allows us to leave a more sustainable footprint.

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