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From Roofing to Wind Turbines: How the Evolution of Hydrotex is Helping to Drive Sustainability with Well-Oiled Machine

The newest episode of Tomorrow’s World Today will look at keeping machines of all sizes sustainable.

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is minimizing our impact on the environment while improving the quality of life. Hydrotex has turned the art of making lubricants into a science and created Lubricants for a Healthier Planet™ to improve industrial sustainability.

In the newest episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, field reporter Darieth Chisolm heads to Hydrotex headquarters in Dallas where she learns how they are using high-performance lubricants to keep machines healthy and more sustainable by improving energy efficiency, limiting pollution, reducing maintenance costs and improving system reliability.

“Hydrotex transformed itself by becoming a collaborative group of employee owners committed to achieving sustainability through technology,” says CEO, John Beasley. “The opportunity was to leverage rapidly changing materials science in lubrication and energy management through scientific formulation, education of the user and implementation of a continuous improvement process in a stakeholder partnership.”

Chisolm not only goes on a plant tour to learn how the lubricants are made, but she also heads to the classroom to learn about lubrication and to the lab where Hydrotex scientists are developing the next generation of lubricant technologies.

“Lubricants play a critical role in modern society, with friction and wear accounting for nearly 23% of global energy consumption,” says Chief Science Officer, Dr. Eric Cline. “Hydrotex is committed to helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint by providing the products, training, and support to improve the performance of their industrial equipment. As technology rapidly changes, we are continuing to develop innovative technologies to overcome future lubrication challenges.”

To learn more about how Hydrotex is helping with sustainability, tune in for an all-new episode of Tomorrow’s World Today on Saturday, December 5 at 8:30 am ET/PT on Science Channel and Sunday, November 29 at 6:30 am on Discovery.

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